WaterSaver Kit

Texas customers, choose 100% wind energy and get FREE easy-to-install water conservation products, including a high-efficiency showerhead. Saving water reduces your home water bill and helps you use less energy (by reducing hot water consumption).

Showerhead NozzleYou can get FREE easy-to-install water conservation products delivered to your home when you sign up for this electricity plan. A Water Eco-Kit™ will be shipped to your home within 6 weeks.*

Plus, you’ll get a couple more water saving products within 6 months as our way of saying thanks for staying part of our community.*

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*Offer valid for new residential online enrollments only. Enrollment in Pollution Free WaterSaver electricity provides one Water Eco-KitTM per household to be fulfilled by AM Conservation to the customer’s billing address within 6 weeks after your service starts. This kit contains easy-to-install DIY products to help save water inside your home. You will receive two additional water conservation products after 6 months of service. Your account must be active and in good standing at the time of processing. Customers with late payments, in collections status or with overdue accounts will not be eligible.