Special rate for EV drivers in Texas

Electric vehicles represent another step closer to a cleaner, more energy secure nation. Fuel your EV and your home with the first 100% wind electricity plan exclusively for EV drivers. To sign up, call 866-785-4668 (if you’re already a Green Mountain customer) or 866-301-3120 (to become a customer).

What is Pollution Free EV?

  • A Reliable Rate plan that guarantees electric vehicle drivers a special rate for 12 months on 100% wind power to charge your car and the rest of your home.
  • Offer to enroll on an eVgo Complete Charging Plan, which includes a home charging dock and access to a networked charging infrastructure.

Why choose Pollution Free EV?

  • Make your electric vehicle truly zero-emissions by fueling it with 100% wind.
  • Fossil fuel-based electricity generation and transportation are the two largest sources of carbon dioxide, a primary greenhouse gas.
  • By driving an electric vehicle and powering it with Pollution Free EV electricity, you can help reduce greenhouse gases and reduce America’s reliance on foreign oil.
  • Just by driving an electric vehicle you can save money on fuel costs, and now we make it possible to save even more with this special rate on all of the 100% wind electricity to power your home and your vehicle.
  • Enjoy easy access to complete home and community charging station solutions through our partnership with eVgo.

How can I learn more?