An Easy Way for Small Businesses to Make an Impact

We know it’s sometimes difficult for your business to find an easy way to do your part for the environment while watching the bottom line. And every penny counts when you’re a small business.

The good news

Choosing a cleaner energy product from Green Mountain is one of the easiest and most affordable things you can do to reduce your business’s environmental impact. And since U.S. consumers expect more from businesses these days in terms of their environmental commitment, your cleaner energy purchase could result in more loyal customers and additional referrals for your business.


Ready to take control of your energy costs?

SmallBusiness_Entouch_ThumbWe have a special offer for small commercial customers. Learn how the EnTouch Energy Management System (EMS), a state-of-the-art energy management tool, can help your business take control of your operations and energy costs.

Also, read more about EnTouch and how smart meters can help cut your business’ electricity costs in this blog.



Get credit for any excess renewable energy you generate.

SmallBusiness_SolarRoof_ThumbIf you’re a Texas customer with a grid-connected solar photovoltaic or wind system that directly serves your facilities’ power needs, we can help you monetize your investment by crediting your monthly invoice for any excess energy you generate.



Additional benefits for our customers:

  • A renewable energy purchase certificate and window decal for your storefront
  • Materials to promote your environmental commitment to customers and stakeholders
  • Assistance with registration in the EPA Green Power Partnership program for customers making qualifying purchases