WhyGoGreen_People_Graphic72% of U.S. consumers say it is very or somewhat important for companies to be environmentally friendly.1


Nearly 70% of U.S. consumers admire companies that are tackling climate change.2

Nearly half of all Fortune 1000 executives surveyed cited customer demand as the top motivating factor for their business to go green. – 2011 Gibbs & Soell Sense & Sensibility® Study

Why partner with Green Mountain?

We are the nation’s longest serving clean energy retailer and a green power pioneer. Founded in 1997 with a mission to change the way power is made, we provide residential and business customers with cost-competitive, cleaner energy products that make it easy to help the environment.

  • Our customers have collectively avoided over 37.7 billion pounds of CO2 emissions
  • Our Customers’ demand helped develop of over 85 new solar and wind facilities across the nation
  • We have sold over 3.2 million MWh of renewable energy to businesses since 2004

The bottom line

Demonstrate your commitment to customers and stakeholders. Reduce your carbon footprint. Earn Green Power Points for LEED® certification. Whatever your goal is, we make it easy to go green to meet your business needs and your bottom line.

Sweeten the deal

Supporting cleaner energy is its own reward, but as a Green Mountain customer your business will also get:
  • A renewable energy purchase certificate and window decal for your storefront
  • Materials to promote your environmental commitment to customers and stakeholders
  • Assistance with registration in the EPA Green Power Partnership program for customers making qualifying purchases

Green Mountain can also help your business go green with:

  • Assistance earning LEED Green Power Points for USGBC® LEED building certification
  • Custom carbon footprint calculations and management solutions
  • Carbon offsets and renewable energy certificates (RECs) to help neutralize your business’s CO2 emissions from activities like shipping or manufacturing

1 ImagePower® Green Brands survey, 2011
2 The Climate Group: Consumers, Brands and Climate Change, 2008