Social buzz about Pollution Free Efficient with Nest

  • Monika

    Nice looking thermostat, but in spite of NEST claiming it’s compatible, won’t work for me. First it kept discharging all summer (2-wire setup, no AC), so I have to take it off the wall and charge it with external charger every 3 weeks. Now that it finally is time for it to do some work, heat never reaches set-point: up to 8 degrees below set point according to its own thermostat. Also cycled heat on and off 18 times in a row sometime last night without ever having it on long enough to make the fan kick on (at the time it showed 3 degrees under set point). If I turn the heat down and up again, it heats fine for exactly 3:06 – enough for a bit less than a degree. Then shuts off and claims to still be heating indefinitely. Tried reset and complete reset. After the problem with the charger, I won’t give NEST a second chance to fix this second issue – for a $250 gadget, I simply expect more.

  • Eliseo Angel

    I been having my Nest for about a year now and i love everything about it. First of all i didn’t know how to use the thermostat that came with my house and the NEST made it easier for me. Also when i am away and i want my house cool i turn NEST on with my iphone and it’s so convenient for me. Love everything about it, it also grabs alot of people attention when they come visit and makes them want to get one as well.

  • Nick

    Thanks for the comment Eliseo – we’re glad you love your Nest!